A Background In Horticulture Is Key To Landscape Design!


Not sure what to plant in your flower beds? If you are looking for variety in your plant material, speaking to someone with a background in Horticulture is very helpful. They will be able to take color, texture, height, environment, blooming season, and potential diseases into consideration when choosing a variety of plant material designed just for you. The Caramel Coral Bell variety pictured above is a great example of a unique plant choice. It keeps its beautiful “fall color” all year long! For more great ideas schedule your free consultation today!

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2 thoughts on “A Background In Horticulture Is Key To Landscape Design!

  1. Hi Carlos,

    Recently you sent us an email about mail boxes made from pavers. I really like the concept, but Lynn was far less enthusiastic than me. So I was wondering if you had some pictures showing different styles, colors, etc. My thought is that perhaps if Lynn sees a wide variety of styles that one or more will catch her eye and maybe increase her enthusiasm. Also, any ballpark numbers would be helpful.

    If you do have a portfolio of photos, would you please email them to me, or send via regular mail if they are hard copy. They would be helpful for my “sales” work with Lynn:-)

    Hope all is well with you guys.


    Tom Hayes 5396 Tall Tree Ct. Lisle

    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you for your inquiry! We’d be happy to help you out in your “sales” process with Lynn! I will email you more information and pictures and privately, so keep a look out in your inbox.

      Good to hear from you, hope all is well with you too,

      The Montano Family

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