Outdoor Fireplaces, A Great Way To Enjoy The Heat Without The Smoke!

Patio Fireplace

See Through Outdoor Fireplace With Seating Wall and Brick Patio

Do you like the idea of sitting around a fire at night with family and friends, but can’t stand the thought of breathing in all of that smoke? Is the thought of ending your night with the smell of campfire in your hair and clothes enough to steer you away from fire pits? Outdoor fireplaces are the perfect solution for you! Outdoor fireplaces radiate heat to those sitting around it, but the smoke is carried away through the chimney above! You can enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a fire at night, without worrying about the wind blowing the smoke in your direction! Enjoy your home comfortably with family and friends and ask us about outdoor fireplaces today! We offer FREE estimates and are happy to answer all of your questions!

Montano’s Landscaping & Nursery, Inc.
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