Advice From A Horticulturist…


Carlos Montano, Horticulturist with Montano’s Landscaping, responds to clients’ concerns about the drought…

2012 drought problems:
This summer’s drought has caused a lot of concern with existing and newly planted vegetation. One of the biggest concerns that I have seen with newly planted material during these hot, humid and dry days is the initial shock. A plant may appear to be dead within 3-7 days of installation even with watering. Some things to look for are wilting and browning of leaves (almost as if the leaves were burnt).

Some ways to prevent this is to do the following:

Make sure that there is mulch at the base of the vegetation (this will help keep the vegetation moist).

Increase the frequency of watering (this is especially important during the hot and humid days). I typically tell clients to water every other day when it is somewhat cool, however this summer I have been advising to water everyday.

The most important thing with watering is making sure that the vegetation is getting enough of it. You want to make sure that the entire base and roots of the plant are getting soaked.

Carlos Montano
Horticulturist, Montano’s Landscaping
(630) 271-9709


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